Own Source established in year 2011 in Egypt. We started to build business websites and web applications for several types of businesses and brands. The starting was successful and we produced useful applications to our client’s business activities. Our main goal is creating effective and efficient web applications that completely match our client’s requirements. So we study the client’s requirements and give him some recommendations to be improved at the web application. Then we involve the client with the project progressing to take the feed-back and modify the project according to these modifications to make sure the application is running in the optimal performance.


Our mission is to support businesses or brands with official website and online gateway to help them to reach their user online. We are focusing on improving and update our services continuously to match the recent updates of online markets and Internet Technologies.


We work to take the lead of applying Arabic digital media for the Arabian websites and support their businesses with suitable web solutions effectively and efficiently. We want to share the Arabian content online to be reachable for all over the world.


We have simple concepts that we keep it in our mind. One of our concepts is that your application are not just website for us, your application must add values and improvements to your business.
We work together as strong team to improve our skills and update our experience with studying the recent programming knowledge and apply it in new updates for your applications and websites to make you up to date all the time.
We make sure to be honest and to respect our client’s ideas .And of course, we are happy to take the challenges of your website and be steady for support you online.