Finalizing website appearance – WordPress Installation Guide (Part 6)

Adding Menus

The Menus feature allows you to create a navigation menu of pages, categories, custom links, tags, etc. that is presented to your visitors.

• To manage website menus:
Go to Appearance-> Menus

Adding Widgets

1. Themes usually have at least 1 or 2 sidebars. Sidebars are the narrow columns to the left or right of your blog posts.
2. Each section in the sidebar is known as a “Widget” that you can add or remove, and move up or down.
3. You configure Widgets in your sidebar by via the Appearance Widgets Screen.
4. Some themes also are configured to accept widgets in certain parts of the footer.

Setting Default Pages

1. Go to Settings -> Reading.
2. Select your home page.
3. Select your default Posts page (Blog Page)


Your Website is ready!

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