Al-Manar – Urban Development Project 2016

Al-Manar for Urban Development Project


Al-Manar Urban Development Project

We are happy and glad to launch and build website and working on the digital marketing work of Al-Manar Company.

  • We are launching the improved and optimized release in 2016. 
  • Al-Manar is considered one of the most beautiful website that we have created recently.

We did our best to show the company's concepts and values through the website pages and sections.

and we are glad with AlManar Team, They are so nice and take care of quality in their work. 

Al-Manar's Website Project (2016):

  • is real estate business website, which is the official website of the company. 
  • The website helps to show the company's properties and its detailed information.
  • It helps the online visitors to search and filter the properties to find their best matches.
  • Each Property show it's details like: location on Google Maps, Area, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and prices.
  • The  company information and history are displayed on the About page.
  • The website is optimized to launch in minified resources usage to get better rank and quality for the internal pages.
  • The website contains a contact center to show the company's contact information,

and give the ability to send messages to the support inbox. 


Digital Marketing Campaigns (2016):

  • We have planned and managed the digital marketing campaigns for Al Manar Company.

Starting from August to November 2016.

Our work is to plan and develop a marketing campaign on website, Google Adwords and Facebook.

  • Our Objectives were to deliver the values of the company and its services to its targeted audience.
  • We launched an organized plan for publishing in website blog and social media channels like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 
  • Performing the required processes to enhance the SEO of the website and pages.
  • Running and monitoring Facebook & Google Adwords Paid Advertising.
  • Enhancing the future digital marketing campaigns. 

Facebook Campaigns Samples 

السوق العقاري لمحافظة الاسكندرية

المجتمع العقاري التسويقي لشركة المنار

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