Comfy MoM – Online Store 2016

Comfy MoM for Mothers & Baby Goods  متجر الكتروني كومفيمام

Comfy MoM Online Store 2016

We are happy to work with Comfy MoM company and build online store.

Comfy MoM has started in 2009. The company produces so beautiful and create products ideas for parenting Attachment.

They know how to produce a high quality products and how to satisfy their customers needs. 

Working on Comfy MoM is very great  and we hope to work with them again. Online Store Project

- Our Work was to build online store for Comfy MoM.

- The Online Store Provides selling Comfy MoM's Products online to customers.

- In addition to showing the company's information on About and Contact pages.

- The products page displays each product info like:

price, material, Available colors and presentation videos. 

- Online customers of Comfy MoM can order their products online,

By adding the selected models and colors to shopping Cart.

- The checkout is easy and simple for customers. 

- Customers can add products to their own wish-lists to get back to it later.

Online Store Features 

- Beautiful & responsive design for home page to attract the visitors.

- Products list view and single view for each product.

- Online Ordering for products and the ability to track orders by Order ID.

- Wishlist for customers choices.

- Online Presentation of the company and provides services.

- Contact Center to help customers contact the company.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

We are managing Comfy MoM's marketing campaigns through many marketing channels. 

Including preparing the market research, to find the new strategies to enhance the company's opportunities.

We produce marketing presentations and content to match the exact company's concepts. 

As a marketing operators, We plan and run the digital marketing campaigns.

Our main objectives are to increase the awareness and optimize the leads.

We work on increasing our public relations network, and find new connections that help the company.

- Planning and running paid advertisements on:

search networks and social media channels.

We monitor and report all the performance,  and we apply the feed to our future plan to optimize the performance.



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