EgyStar Copiers – ECommerce Website

Egystarcopiers is Ecommerce website and online store that provides selling Office copiers.

EgyStar Copiers is ecommerce website for selling papers copiers. The website displays full information about the copiers like description, photos and prices. The customer can browse the products and compare between them, he can add products to wishlist, or to the shopping cart, and he can tracking the status of his request.

Egystar Copiers website is fully dynamic content website built based on wordpress content management system CMS.
The website designs is beautiful and responsive to enhance the readability for different devices.
All the company information is displayed in “About Us” page. The company contact information and complete messaging center is available in “contact us” page.
all the services is displayed in the services page.
The Store includes the required SEO and e-marketing campaigns tracking features.

The online Store applies all the e-commerce system features including:
* First – The Store Front-End ( Appears to store customers):
1- Products list and search options with enhanced filters for search.
2- Products details page with full product description and features.
3- Shopping cart for adding customers selected products.
4- Checkout page which allows selecting the payment methods and customer’s shipping information.
5- Stock management indicators and units availability.
6- Orders Tracking feature to follow-up with customers and update the shipping status.

* Second – The Store Back-End (Appears to store admins):
1- Adding, Updating, Reading and deleting Products (CRUD actions)
2- Orders preview and updating actions.
3- Customers information for billing and shipping.
4- Stock Management and controlling Inventory Re-order points.
The website supports several features:
– Complete e-commerce website.
– Based on Content Management System (CMS).
– Responsive design.
– Compatible with search engine.
– Contact us form.
– Subscribe System.
– Newsletter System.
– Compare products.
– Shopping cart.
– Wish List.
– Request Maintenance.
– Registration System.
– Integration with Social Media.

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