June, 2016

  • 26 June

    EgyStar Copiers – ECommerce Website

    EgyStar Copiers - ecommerce website - متجر إلكتروني

    Egystarcopiers is Ecommerce website and online store that provides selling Office copiers. EgyStar Copiers is ecommerce website for selling papers copiers. The website displays full information about the copiers like description, photos and prices. The customer can browse the products and compare between them, he can add products to wishlist, or …

  • 26 June

    Egypt Careers

    Egypt Careers موقع إلكتروني خدمي لخدمات حجز المؤتمرات

    Multi Events registration website that supports several events types in Egypt like: business events, job fairs, investment events, training fair and more. The website supports the ability of online registration for users. Each user can register in a specific event online through the registration form inside the details of the …

  • 26 June

    Word Bridge – Translation Company

    Translation website that provide variety of services such as translation, software localization audio Transcription and much more translation services. Users can request online quotation, read variety and useful news. The website supports several features: -Newsletter System. -Bilingual. -Blog. -Contact us form. -Request online quotation. -Subscribe System.

  • 25 June

    Al-Moasasa Al-Aqarya

    Al-Moasasa Al-Aqaria - المؤسسة العقارية

    Al Moasasa Al Aqarya for real estate investment is a company that provide to their customers variety of pproperties through the website by displaying information, pictures, and description about the available properties. The website supports several features: - Properties on Google maps. - Slide show. - Contact us form. - …

  • 25 June

    Al-Kelma Al-Akhira Newspaper

    Al Kalima Al Akhira

    موقع لجريدة الكلمة الأخيرة الإلكترونية يقدم مجموعة متنوعة من الأخبار في مجالات مختلفة مثل الأخبار الرياية والسياسية ونصائح ومقالات عن الصحة والطب ،المرأة، ديكور واثاث وغيرها من الأخبار والمقالات. الموقع يعرض فيديوهات وصور ويبقي القارئ علي اطلاع دائما بأحدث الأخبار والأحداث في المجتمع. يستطيع الزوار الاشتراك في الموقع لمتابعة أدث …

  • 22 June

    HZ Wallpaper – E Commerce Online Store

    HZ Wallpapers

    E-commerce website that display wallpapers for sale. Users can order product online, ask for a sample, register to be distributor, and they can add products to favorite.