Web Services


Building Custom websites

Own Source supports building websites for your business or brand. Our work is to build and design beautiful and valuable website for your business. Building websites operation - as other web services - starts with listening and recording your website requirements, then we study your requirements in detail, then we recommend solutions for you to be built in the website.

Digital Marketing Web Services

The Digital marketing is the best way to achieve your marketing goals for your commercial business with results better than the results of other marketing branches like using advertisements on TV, radio and out printings.
With online marketing, you can share your products and services offers to most of your target clients according to your business market, so you can improve your sales to reach new geographical places, which couldn’t been reached before in offline ways. We strongly support Digital Marketing web services which you can read more about it in Digital Marketing web services page.

Shared Web Hosting

We provide shared web hosting services for uploading websites and web applications to shared server to make your website visible and available to everyone on the world wide web.

We produce Linux hosting accounts with apache server for web applications. All hosting plans support RoundCube, Horde and SquirrelMail for browsing and managing email account activities. You can securely update and modify your website using administration panel for hosting owners.

CRM Solutions

We provide CRM development web services for businesses. The CRM is Management Software for controlling, recording and monitoring all customers information and related actions with the company.

The CRM provides tracking of customers operation through the Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Inventory Management, Customer Support and After-Sales services.

Using CRM helps businesses to create a complete management and control with its customers and clients. CRM delivers a fully transformed, personalized user experience that is immersive, engaging and intuitive. CRM fuses the straightforward simplicity, mobility and social aspects of a consumer app with the business process optimization of conventional CRM...