Building Websites

Own Source supports websites building solutions for your businesses and brands. Our work is to build and design beautiful and valuable website for your business. Building websites starts with listening and discussing your website requirements, then we study your requirements in detail, then we recommend solutions for you to be built in the website. After accepting one of our recommended solutions, we start working on building your website and we take in consideration your feed-back in the development and designing processes to make sure that our results will achieve your requirements list. We take your feed-back on online website workshop preview and we modify the website according to these modifications to make sure the application is running good and satisfy your business needs.

The Website’s Project Development Life-Cycle

1. Gathering and studying website data and requirements
We start to gather and study your business market and your website requirements. We hold meetings to record your ideas and business concepts. We Study your business and your market considering your strategies and your competitor’s too.

2. Website’s layout designing and modeling
We design a model for website and we improve this model to make it matching your styles and ideas. We will build your website on shared server, so you can preview your website analysis and modeling. When you accept our model to be implemented, we start the development process

3. Website Development Process
This level our technical team starts to implement the model that we discussed with client. We implement our client’s requirements in effective and efficient development.
We Use CMS or we can support custom scripts written in any of the following languages: HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript – JQuery – PHP – SQL – MYSQL – Smarty PHP.
We choose the best implementation methods and tools to complete your website tasks well-made and fully charged with beautiful designing and creative functions and operations

4. Website Development and Deployment
We Deploy and setup your website online and make sure that all your requirements achieved. We establish the database on the online web hosting and then we start deploying the website files to make it executable to public. And this will be the alpha release of your website (Tested on labs but not on run-time

5. Website Testing
We test your website online on real time scenario inputs and status. Heavy testing processes are done on your website to make sure it’s clear of bugs or errors. We test the performance of website and we try to improve it to make the website response time is optimal.

6. Website Delivery and Users Training
We finish the all required task to deliver your project. And then we start to teach and train your organization members on how to use the website and how functions can be done using it. We will give helpful instructions that help you when you are using the website administration panel

Request Building Your Website Quotation

You can request building your website Quotation By submitting your requirements in the following form, Then you will get support by email or by our support representatives to answer your questions and provide the suitable plan for you. Kindly register your contact info properly, to facilitate the process of communication with you: