Customer Relationship Management Applications


Applying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System in your business will help your organization to set a complete management and control customers and clients.
Customer Relationship Management System captures all required information that describes the operations between the business and its client.
CRM enhances the organization’s communications and data archiving, including the activities of: Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Inventory Management and Customer Services Departments.

CRM Solution

Own Source Supports Customer Relationship Management applications based on PHP frameworks and CMS.
The PHP Frameworks are preferred to have a completely stable and optimized performance in the web application.
Building CRM on such strong base framework will improve: reliability, readability, optimized response time, 3rd party integration.
We can improve your business process and give your better chances to manage your customer relationship securely, and nothing will stay at your way to use it to improve your market chances.

Features of applying CRM

The Customer relationship management system allows your organization members to save and share the client’s information faster than printed document cycle. This will increase the time management of your business and enhance the awareness and the services quality for your team members.
Working on Scheduled and organized Calendar will add better chances for winning opportunities and stop losing data during the work overload.

Supported CRM Solutions

We work and study the new technologies and produce better studied solutions towards helping the business itself in applying its internal activities faster and easier than before.
We have prepared a list of supported solutions on our Applications Page.