Online Marketing

The online marketing is your best marketing choice to achieve your goals for your commercial business. You will get results better than other marketing channel like using advertisements on TV, radio and out printings.
With Online Marketing you can share your products and services offers to most of your targeted clients according to your business market, so you can improve your sales to reach new geographical places which couldn’t be reached before in normal.
Online marketing solve the far market clients and that help you to add your business in new markets and make it reach new customers. Your sales and profit will grow better for applying such new markets and these markets are online 24 hours daily and everywhere, so you can update your business image easily and faster than normal.

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The Online Marketing Delivery Methods

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Using Web banners, floating ads, Pop-ups and graphics to attract online visitors and deliver the value of the business or brand. The main scope is to use the graphics and media to attract the online users to read or view the advertisement or to visit the desired business website.
Using media to promote businesses is very efficient to the online user. The online user likes to see images rather than reading texts only.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine marketing aims to increase the website visibility in search engines results. The visibility of search engine is related to being organic or sponsored.
The organic (SEO) becomes when focusing on increasing the rank of website on search engine. That means the evaluation of website is good and optimized for search engines.
The Sponsored becomes when focusing on using paid ads which is targeted with selected keywords.

Email Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

The idea is to use the emails to promote and advertise for businesses and brands. The email marketing could be used for sending: Newsletters, business offers, confirmation messages and all new updates could be related to the business. If your customer didn’t visit your website and you sent him the recent offers and updates that will make a strong chain between you and your customer. You make sure that your client will receive and read about your business all the time.

Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

The activity of publishing and sharing the online content including media and textual entities in the form of articles, news, offers and any updates to acquire and drive the online visitors to the business. Formatting the web content is one of the major factors of attracting and driving the online visitors to preview the target website or business.

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

The use of social networks profiles to promote and share the recent offers and business ideas. Social media is one of the most important marketing channels that you should choose, if the business decided to interact positively with its customers.
We Focus on Facebook and Google plus for reaching more target audience. Every business must be updated to their clients and the Social networks are the best place to achieve that.

The Online Marketing Plan Life-Cycle

Executive Summary
Market and Situation Analysis
Market Segmentation
Objectives and Goals
Strategies and Tactics
Budgets and Controls

Main Marketing Goals

1. Increasing the Target Audience

All the online marketing activities is move forward getting online visitor’s impressions and display the ads in formatted series to engage with business or brand subscribers.
This strategy is useful if your goal is to promote for brand or business identity and stick the brand ideas to customers mind. The customers will realize the brand later and will evaluate positively the business or brand activities. That means getting more and more online traffic and online visibility of business ads.

2. Driving Leads and enhance the sales force

All the activities moves forward driving qualified leads through the online marketing channels to complete a request of the business services and products. We work on promoting offers and products in advance using SEO, sponsored ads and social media channels to track the audience and improve the sales results during the campaigns duration.
This strategy is useful if your goal is to increase the sales force of your business or brand and get new qualified leads.