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With Tourism Web application you will be able to turn visitors into those who want to travel by putting all the information about places of tourist, hotels and show photos and videos that will attract and motivate your visitors to travel, and show their prices and provide an easy way for online booking.




Online Booking Application provided to the booking businesses to help showing their clients photos and videos of Travels and hotels.

It shows the  in a wonderful way that attract them and let the visitors to book immediately by the special system for booking available in the website.

We support this website which is characterized by the beautiful design and ease of browsing and explanation of all the data that the client needs to know.

Online Booking contains the following operations and pages:

  1. Home Page.
  2. Login Page.
  3. Hotels Page.
  4. Travels, Car Rentals, Hotels Pages.
  5. Page View cars for rent.
  6. Booking page.
  7. Contact us page.
  8. About us page.
  9. Blog
  10. Advanced Search about hotels and tourism places in the website.
  11. User profile page.
  12. Control Panel (for website manager) .
  13. Adding new data page (for website manager) .
  14. Page display the services with the ability to modify and delete them (for website manager) .
  15. Media library to upload and control the website images (for website manager).
  16. Users page to control the user accounts on the website (for website manager).
  17. Security page for checking the security of the website (for website manager).
  18. Backup service and restoring the website data.


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