Projects Management CRM

Projects Management CRM is web application for Managing, Controlling and monitoring your Projects Management business. It helps your whole team to record and track all your clients and projects information in your business life cycle including your Marketing, Sales, and Operational and Support activities.
The Projects Management CRM provides full control over your Projects and clients requests through business modules like: projects information, Campaigns, tasks, meeting, calls, campaigns, and emails.


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Projects Management CRM details

Projects Management CRM facilitates Projects Management as you can specify projects’ details like budget, schedule, projects’ tasks, resources allocation, assigned team, uploading images and documents to project and more.

Project Management CRM supports Marketing Automation by creating Campaigns with different target lists, which allows you to see if your marketing spend was effective in generating a response and that implies to get more leads then getting more opportunities.

Project Management CRM provides Admin authority as you can create an unlimited number of users, control the responsibilities of each and create teams with assigned roles with different scope level. The CRM also provides a Calendar for insuring that user will be reminded with all planned calls, meetings and tasks on his to-do list.


What does our CRM offer for your business ?

Included Modules

1. Inbound or outbound Email.

1. Calendar

2. marketing campaign

2. Tasks

3. Task creation and tracking.

3. Meetings

4. Lead, opportunities and contact management.

4. Calls

5. Full account management.

5. Projects

6. Attaching Documents.

6. Projects tasks & Milestones

7. Inbound or outbound calls.

7. (Organizations) Accounts

8. Tasks, agent meetings and calls will be automatically recorded in calendar.

8. Contacts

9. Full control of projects’ information.

9. Campaigns

10. Invoices & quotes generation.

10. Leads

11. Cases for customer support.

11. Opportunities


12. Cases


13. Emails


14. Documents




16. Invoices


17. Reports