Real Estate Website

Real Estate Web application:

Now you can show your real estate for sale or rent in a unique and wonderful way to attract customers through the design of Real Estate website, which facilitates the  adding of the real estate’s images and data such as prices and space Property Description and location of the property on the map.

The website let you deal directly with the client, and gain millions of new customers through good marketing for the website that leads to increase your profits.

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Real Estate Web application facilitates on the client searching for a real estate of all kinds and prices even for purchase or rent. This website is considered to be a link between the customer and the company or real estate office. The client can search for a real estate with the specifications they want and know the prices that suit them and contact with the company to complete the process. The website also has searching features and many views of the property. . The website depends on displaying real estate on Google map to be effective and attractive to the customer and give him data and real details of real estate that returns a high profit to the site manager.

Real Estate Web application contains the following operations and pages:

  1. Home Page.
  2. Registration page (normal user or agent).
  3. Page of agencies and agents display all agents and agencies registered on the site and their data and real estate added by them.
  4. Real estate’s page.
  5. Contact us page.
  6. About the company page.
  7. Prices page that shows different price packages to let the agents choose the packages that suits them.
  8. Blog.
  9. Logging in with social media accounts (Facebook, Google).
  10. Compare real estate.
  11. User profile page.
  12. View a map on the home page show where the addresses of the real estates.
  13. Advanced Search you Search by choosing the place and the type of property and average prices.
  14. Easy and clear control panel.
  15. Add a new real estate page (for website manager).
  16. Page displays the real estate that had been added with the possibility to modify and delete them (for website manager).
  17. Media library to upload and control the website images (for website manager).
  18. Users page to control the user accounts on the website (for website manager).
  19. Security page for checking the security of the website (for website manager).
  20. Backup service and restoring the website data.